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We understand that natural disasters are unpredictable and can happen anywhere, anytime. An earthquake, like the recent one in the Haouz region, reminds us how life can be uncertain and fragile. No one is immune, and in these tough times, the support of the global community is priceless. By choosing to visit Marrakech, you’re helping a community that’s been through a lot, and you’re strengthening the bonds that connect us all as people.

There are places that leave a special mark on anyone who visits, and Marrakech is one of those places. With its beautiful colors and captivating scents, this city is a living canvas where traditions, stories, and dreams come together to create unforgettable experiences. Every street, sound, and smile is a part of a unique story. For those who love Morocco, Marrakech is a shining star that brightens our days.

The recent tragedy in the Haouz region, where more than 3,000 lives were lost, has deeply affected us. Do you know the story behind every beautiful mosaic and finely crafted carpet? These artworks reflect the soul of our artisans, many of whom come from this region. Marrakech has been a safe haven for many people in the tourism industry, giving them a chance to support their families. It’s where they found safety and hope.


Marrakech has saved lives in many ways. People here continue to work, dream, and build their futures despite the challenges. But Marrakech is more than just a safe place; it’s a symbol of resilience and hope. By not canceling your trip to Marrakech, you’re choosing to support the hardworking people of Haouz, the families, and the dreamers who keep looking forward.

After the pandemic, Marrakech has adapted and shown incredible strength. It’s not just a city; it’s a symbol of renewal.

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We, the Marrakech community – artisans, hoteliers, storytellers, and everyone who loves this place – welcome you with open arms and hearts. When you walk our streets and share smiles with the locals, remember that your presence means a lot more than just a visit. It’s like a comforting hug for our souls and a bright hope for our future.

Come to Marrakech, feel its heartbeat, and be part of its magic. By doing so, you’re playing a vital role in healing and helping a community that still loves, dreams, and hopes despite everything. Every step you take here is a step towards hope, solidarity, and a brighter future for Marrakech and the people of Haouz.

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